Al Pounders
Catalog featuring work by Al Pounders.
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Jennifer Pochinski
Catalog featuring works by Jennifer Pochinksi
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Chris Liberti
Catalog featuring paintings by Chris Liberti
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Lisa Clague
Catalog featuring art by Lisa Clague
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Laura Hohlwein
A catalog featuring work by Laura Hohlwein
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Tom Rippon
Tom Rippon: 1954-2010
Catalog featuring sculptural works by Tom Rippon.
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24th annual 30 ceramic sculptors
24th Annual 30 Ceramic Sculptors
Paperback: 110 pages Publisher: John Natsoulas Press Color plates: 52
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Michael Lucero
Michael Lucero: Sculpture 1976-1995 (Hardcover)
Bloemink explores the references of Surrealism and Dada and notes the highly detailed iconography that compromise Michael Lucero's work.
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Robert Ransom
Robert Ransom: Recent Works
Catalog featuring works by Robert Ransom.
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Frank Ordaz
Frank Ordaz: Landscapes of the American Myth
Catalog of work by Frank Ordaz.
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Jeffrey Downing
Catalog of Jeffry Downing's sculptures.
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