10th Annual California Landscape Painters
Catalog featuring work from the 10th Annual California Landscape Painters Exhibition
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11th Annual California Landscape Painters
Paperback: 61pages Publisher: John Natsoulas Press Color Plates: 28
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24th Annual 30 Ceramic Sculptors
Paperback: 110 pages Publisher: John Natsoulas Press Color plates: 52
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26th Annual 30 Ceramic Sculptors
Catalog featuring the art shown at the 26th Annual 30 Ceramic Sculptors Exhibition
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30 Ceramic Sculptors (1990)

This publication displays the fourth-annual Thirty Ceramics Sculptors and exhibits the works of thirty-two California artists. The thirty-two artists represent the diversity of the ceramic art form in this state. The development of ceramic art is one of the first … Continued

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50 Photo Icons: The Story Behind the Pictures

Photographs have a strange and powerful way of shaping the way we see the world and influencing our perceptions of reality. To demonstrate the unique and profound influence on culture and society that photographs have, Photo Icons puts the most … Continued

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9th Annual Art of Painting in the 21st Century

This book was published in conjunction with the 9th Annual Art of Painting in the 21st Century Exhibition at the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis, CA. The book includes an essay titled “Why Painting Still Has a Mission” by Edward … Continued

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A Troublesome Subject: The Art of Robert Arneson
  Book featuring the art of Robert Arneson
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Al Pounders
Catalog featuring work by Al Pounders.
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Amber Aguirre
Catalog featuring works by Amber Aguirre and an essay by Devany Vickery-Davidson.
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Ancient American Art in Detail

Gorgeously illustrated with items of jade, turquoise, feather work, wood, stone, metalwork, ceramics, and textiles from Mexico and Central and South America—including lifelike Olmec figures in kaolin clay, some 2500 years old; a superb Aztec ceremonial flint knife with a … Continued

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Art Tiles: Lark Studio Series

From Carol Rose Dean’s oddly melancholic Dancing Bear to Colin Johnson’s graceful three-dimensional Moonflower II (In Darkness), and Bryan Hiveley’s hilariously mythic Dr. Little Kitty Battles the Serpent, the ceramic pieces here defy the basic label of “tiles” to become … Continued

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