Chairman Mao Journal (Iconoclastic)

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Mao Zedong was committed to his vision of creating a communist society. He smiles disarmingly from the cover of this journal, but warns, “Revolution is not a dinner party.” Measuring just … Continued

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Chairs: Lark Studio Series

Susan Borger’s Caterpillar Concentrics with Fringe re-covers a derelict straight chair with wildly colored and textured fabrics, while Joel Green’s anthropomorphic Living Lounge rests on sensuously curved arms and legs, and Clay Dillard’s wonderfully clever Tulip Folding Chair closes up … Continued

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Charles Strong
Catalog featuring the work of abstract expressionist painter Charles Strong.
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Chris Liberti
Catalog featuring paintings by Chris Liberti
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Clay Vorhes

This publication of artist Clay Vorhes recent work includes 25 beautiful color plates of the artists work, an essay by Donald Kuspit and an interview by Jeffrey Lee K. with the artist. Clay Vorhes’s little figures playfully fly through space, … Continued

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Clayton Bailey: Happenings in the Circus of Life
Catalog featuring art by Clayton Bailey
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Constructive Spirit: Abstract Art in South and North America, 1920’s-1950’s

The first survey of Pan-American geometric abstraction between the 1920s and 1950s, Constructive Spirit: Abstract Art in South and North America, 1920s-50s provides a fresh and innovative look at this dynamic and cosmopolitan period of Modernism in the Americas. In … Continued

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Contemporary Japanese Ceramics: Fired with Passion

The approximately 150 works included here have been selected from major Japanese institutions and noted Western collections; all are strikingly photographed in full color and represent the greatest modern masterpieces of Japanese ceramic art.

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Creative Drawing: A Practical Guide to Using Pencil, Crayon, Pastel, Ink and Watercolor

This user-friendly guide by renowned author Barrington Barber allows readers to respond to the world around them in a creative and absorbing way. It teaches basic skills such as observation and composition, and covers a range of media from coloured … Continued

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David Gilhooly
Book featuring work by David Gilhooly
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David Hockney: The Biography 1937-1975

Born in 1937, David Hockney grew up in a northern English town during the days of postwar austerity. By the time he was ten years old he knew he wanted to be an artist, and after leaving school he went … Continued

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David Hollowell
Catalog featuring art by David Hollowell
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