24th Annual 30 Ceramic Sculptors
Paperback: 110 pages Publisher: John Natsoulas Press Color plates: 52
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26th Annual 30 Ceramic Sculptors
Catalog featuring the art shown at the 26th Annual 30 Ceramic Sculptors Exhibition
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30 Ceramic Sculptors (1990)

This publication displays the fourth-annual Thirty Ceramics Sculptors and exhibits the works of thirty-two California artists. The thirty-two artists represent the diversity of the ceramic art form in this state. The development of ceramic art is one of the first … Continued

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A Troublesome Subject: The Art of Robert Arneson
  Book featuring the art of Robert Arneson
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Amber Aguirre
Catalog featuring works by Amber Aguirre and an essay by Devany Vickery-Davidson.
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Arthur Gonzalez: A Question of Balance
Catalog featuring artwork by Arthur Gonzalez
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Arthur Gonzalez: At Heart Level
Catalog featuring ceramic work by Arthur Gonzalez.
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Beth Lo
This catalog includes 52 beautiful color plates and an essay about Beth Lo's work and life by Krista Bonelli. Beth Lo was born in 1949 in Indiana. She is a first generation American. She studied with Rudy Autio at the University of Montana and received her MFA in 1974. Lo's work, both ceramic and mixed media, integrates themes from her childhood, her family, Asian culture, and language. As a second generation child of an immigrant family, Lo attempts to reconcile the culture she was born into with the culture she inherited.
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Ceramics Annual of America 2011
Catalog featuring work shown at the 2011 Ceramics Annual of America Exhibition.
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Ceramics Annual of America 2013
Catalog featuring works shown at 2013 Ceramics Annual of America Exhibition.
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Ceramics: A World Guide to Traditional Techniques

A general introduction, followed by eight sections, each with an introduction followed by double-page spreads on different types of ceramics, their uses, the techniques employed to make them and the many different glazes and finishes used around the world and … Continued

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Clayton Bailey: Happenings in the Circus of Life
Catalog featuring art by Clayton Bailey
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